Tuesday, December 22, 2015


This season, we have added two colors, Cloud and Fog, that not only echo the blue-grey mood of San Francisco, but beautifully round out our soothing bedroom palette. Cloud is a soft, yet mature, blue, and Fog is a neutral grey - both of which harmonize with any of our other Bella Notte hues.

Linen Whisper Pillowcase, Duvet, and Bed Skirt in Fog, Marguerite Euros and Coverlet in Cloud

Lillian Accent and Marguerite Coverlet in Cloud, Marguerite Accent in Fog

Guest Towels: Capri and Linen Whisper in Cloud, Linen with Crochet and Olivia in Fog


  1. Hi, your bedding and towels are gorgeous. I wonder about the towels....are they a heavy linen or a lightweight? and are they practical for daily use?

    1. Thank you for the compliment! The Guest Towels are a rather lightweight material, but they are perfect for everyday use. I like to use them across the towel bar in my bathroom as a hand towel. They measure about 26"x44" so they are not towels in the traditional shower sense - they are based on a European size.

  2. I do love the guest towels!!! Do you sell in Europe?