Friday, June 12, 2015


While all of Bella Notte's products are easy care (they don't have to be dry cleaned, pressed, or ironed), we do have specific care instructions that allow for the longevity of your linens. No one wants to squint to read the tiny label, so here's three easy tips to follow:


Because our products are dyed with non-toxic dyes, to preserve the color we suggest avoiding anything that contains bleach, brighteners, or whiteners. While there are generic brands like Arm & Hammer that have gentle detergents, we recommend The Laundress Delicate Wash, which is non-toxic, biodegradable, and allergen free. It cleans effectively yet gently, helping to preserve your Bella items during each wash cycle. 

It is especially important to use a delicate detergent for specialty fabrics containing silk, fine cotton, rayon, and nylon. If you wash collections like Loulah, Sloan, or a Silk Velvet Quilted with harsher ingredients, the fibers break down and will dull the overall sheen of the product. With The Laundress Delicate Wash you can wash over and over again.

We recommend machine washing all of your Bella Notte linens on a cold, gentle cycle. The majority of your linen and cotton based items you can tumble dry low and remove promptly. 

More sensitive fabrics like Satin and Olivia Lace (anything satin/rayon based) dry on a no-heat setting or line dry if possible.


When you wash your linens, avoid overloading your washer with jeans and towels. Keep the linens separate to prevent snags and wearing. Use a mesh garment bags for items like Olivia and Linen Whisper to protect them.

Where possible, especially for satin, rayon, silk, and tencel based items like Pillowcases, Shams, and Duvet covers, WASH INSIDE OUT to prevent pilling. This includes items from collections like Satin, Josephine, Mirabella, Valentina, Arielle, 
Ophelia, Madera, and anything with Silk Velvet.

Your Bella Notte Linens products are couture in nature, unlike any other bedding in the worldtreat them with love and they will continue to love you for years to come.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


While we haven't added new pieces to our Tabletop collection for Fall 2015, we love this display of favorites like Olivia and Linen Whisper in Powder, Mineral, and Seaglass. Feast your eyes on this overhead display of color and texture!
Linen Whisper Tablecloth in Powder with Silk Velvet Quilted Placemats in Powder and Seaglass

Olivia Tablecloth in Powder and Linen Napkins in Powder and Seaglass

Olivia Tablecloth in Mineral and Linen Napkins in Powder and Seaglass

Linen with Crochet Lace Tablecloth in Mineral


We are excited to showcase our new selection of luxury Baby Comforters in Sloan, Josephine, Ophelia Cool and Warm, Arielle, and Chloe. Each of them soft, lightly padded, and machine washablethese sweet comforters are a beautiful addition to any nursery.
Sloan Baby Comforter and Accent Pillow in Silvermist

Josephine Baby Comforter and Accent Pillows in Heirloom Rose

Ophelia Baby Comforter and Throw Pillow in Cool

Ophelia Baby Comforter and Throw Pillows in Warm

Arielle Baby Comforter in Silvermist, and Accent Pillows in Winter White and Silvermist

Chloe Baby Comforter and Josephine Accent Pillow in Seaglass


Trecento ruching lends vintage glamour to Cotton Velvet in our last collection, Chloe. Offered in Shams, a Duvet Cover, Personal Comforter and Bed Skirt, Chloe reimagines the romance of Celeste with beautiful simplicity.
Chloe Euro and Duvet Cover in Champagne with Arielle Euro in Heirloom Rose and Valentina Kidneys

Chloe Euro and Duvet Cover in Champagne


Satin ruching adds a regal finish to Silk Velvet in our luxe intro, Sloan. Offered in Shams, a Duvet Cover, Personal Comforter, Throw Blanket with Satin Ties, and Accent Pillow, this collection is fit for royalty.
Sloan Deluxe Shams and Duvet Cover in Flax with Josephine Pillowcase, Accent Pillow, and Personal Comforter

Josephine Pillowcase and Accent Pillow with Sloan Duvet Cover all in Flax

Arielle Shams and Personal Comforter, paired with Sloan Accent Pillow and Personal Comforter in Sand


Lustrous Arielle, our new Silk Charmeuse collection, is trimmed with layers of pintucking. Offered in Shams, a Duvet Cover, Accent Pillow, and Personal Comforter, Arielle is a tailored sister to beloved Valentina.
Arielle Deluxe Shams in Flax, Accent Pillows in Winter White and French Grey, and Duvet Cover in Pebble
Arielle Accent Pillows in Winter White and French Grey

Arielle Deluxe Shams and Personal Comforter in Champagne with Josephine Pillowcases and Accent Pillows 

Arielle Deluxe Shams in Champagne, Josephine Pillowcase in Sand and Accent Pillow in Heirloom Rose


Ophelia's whimsical watercolor print floats dreamily atop Silk Charmeuse, blending cool tones of Mineral and Seaglass, and warm tones of Powder and Heirloom Rose. Offered in a Personal Comforter, 20" Throw Pillow, and Pillowcases, this decorative offering is a pop of color that exudes sophisticated bohemian style.
Ophelia Pillowcases in Warm paired with Sloan Euros and Duvet Cover in Winter White and Arielle Personal Comforter

Ophelia Pillowcase in Warm with Sloan Euro in Winter White atop a Madera Fitted Sheet in Winter White

Ophelia Personal Comforter in Warm atop a Sloan Duvet Cover in Winter White

Ophelia Throw Pillows in Warm

Ophelia Pillowcase in Cool

Ophelia Throw Pillow in Cool atop a chair upholstered with Silk Velvet in Ginger
Ophelia Pillowcase and Personal Comforter in Cool with Sloan Accent Pillow in Sand


Bella Notte’s Fall 2015 Introductions are a rich offering of color, texture, and print. In our first collection, Josephine, an exquisite orchid embroidery adds tonal detail to​ our classic​ Satin. Finished by one of the last domestic embroiderers at the base of the Appalachians in South Carolina, we are proud to extend our tradition of supporting US businesses with this collection. Offered in a Duvet Cover and Shams with inset detail, Pillowcases, Accent Pillow and luxurious bordered Personal Comforter, Josephine stuns in each and every piece. 
Josephine Deluxe Shams, Pillowcases, Duvet Covers paired with Linen Whisper Bed Scarf, Bed Skirt, and Standard Shams

Josephine Deluxe Shams, Pillowcases, and Duvet Cover all in Winter White

Josephpine Personal Comforter and Chloe tailored Bed Skirt all in Winter White

Josephine Deluxe Sham, Euro Sham, Pillowcases and Personal Comforter with Sloan Large Throw Blanket
Josephine Deluxe Sham in Mineral, Euro in Seaglass, Pillowcases in French Grey, Sand, and Seaglass
Josephine Shams and Pillowcases
Close up on Josephine Embroidery in Sand