Friday, October 23, 2015


We are so proud to have boutiques all over the country who have stayed loyal throughout the many iterations of color and trends in Bella Notte's designs. The economy and retail landscape have changed as well, but the longstanding thread is the consumers' desire for high quality products. Today we are featuring an interview from Shelley, the owner of Cottage Chic in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a true Bellanista, entrepreneur in her own right, and is one of our top stocking dealers in the US.

How long have you carried Bella and what first attracted you to the line?

We have been carrying Bella Notte for 15 years-since we first opened! We were initially drawn to how beautiful everything was, but soon realized how much deeper the line really goes. Being able to machine wash the linens is our biggest selling point. Also, it’s great to work with  a company who stands by the quality of their product. We truly feel that we are selling an amazing line. There isn't one Cottage Chic employee who would choose anything but Bella for their own bed!

Images of Cottage Chic promotions with Bella Notte over the years

What has made Cottage Chic so successful with Bella? What makes you stand out?

1. Our in depth knowledge. Since we have carried Bella for so long we have enormous knowledge of past collections which really helps when a customer is trying to add to their current bed. We have customers who purchased a bedding ensemble ten or more years ago return to us for advice when they are ready to switch things up. They love that all of their Bella pieces lasted so long and it’s what keeps them coming back, buying for their family members, and adding to their collection. Also, we all love Bella so much you’ll be hard pressed to find a question we can’t answer. 

2. Our stock. When we love a color or collection, we buy deep into stocking the product so that when a customer visits our store they can walk out with the perfect piece, and when they purchase online we can ship quickly. We also have hard-to-find discontinued collections and colors that you won't see anywhere else!

3. Our design expertise. We are all interior designers so we really know how to make a bed turn out as beautifully as the Bella Notte inspiration photos. With our new online bed designs, we are able to help our customers visualize how their beds will turn out before they purchase. We just introduced this feature before the last sale and we’ve had an enormously positive response (I may have spent 16 hours a day on adobe illustrator though!).  

Cottage Chic will personally draft your dream bed! <-- Click to build your own

What is your favorite collection from Bella, past or present, and why?

I think all Bella Notte Fabrics feel amazing, but there was just something about Deluxe Marie that was like butter to me. I still have one king fitted sheet which I covet. Other than that, I was always a proponent of 600 thread count Bella sateen sheets until I finally broke down and slept on Madera….and wow those might just take the cake for being the most amazing in the line! Also, I have a pair of Satin Pillowcases which I believe I purchased with my first stocking order. After years of washing they are now the absolute softest fabric I have ever felt. Then there’s Linen…Linen everything. It’s hard to narrow it down because it's all so wonderful!

What do you think differentiates a Bella Notte customer?

We love working with our Bella Notte customers because they sincerely value craftsmanship and quality like we do. There is a large majority of people who buy things that are mass-produced and cheaply made. Products like that have no heart or soul or artistry. I think art is the most important thing in the world- and every stitch of Bella Notte is pure art to me- livable, sleepable, art. That's something present in mass produced items. A Bella Notte customer knows this and values it above all else, which is why they are willing to spend more for a product that is going to last and also has a rich history behind it.