Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Bella Notte offers yardage in a number of our fabrics - perfect for a DIY-er making a slip cover for a window seat, a curtain panel for an off-size window frame, or anything else you might dream up for our luxurious velvets, satins, and lace.
Here we'd like to clarify how you can order extra Bella Notte fabric:

We only sell yardage in 1 yard (3 feet), 2 yard (6 feet), and 3 yard (9 feet) increments. 

You can order more than 3 yards, but the length will be split up. We cannot offer a strip of fabric longer than 3 yards because of our unique dye process. But you can order as many multiples of 1, 2, or 3 that you need. If you require five yards of fabric for a particular project, for example, we would send it to you in one 2-yard and one 3-yard piece...or even five 1-yard pieces! Fortunately they will all be custom garment-dyed in the same dye lot to be sure to match.

We love how designer Shalena Smith used yardage of Olivia Lace to layer a crib dust ruffle for P. Diddy's Princess!
NOTE We do not offer yardage in certain fabrics that have been quilted together or that have an additional trim: Alyssa, Gwen patchwork, Linen w/ Crochet Lace, Linen Whisper w/ Ruffle, Loulah w/ ruffle, Satin w/ Venise Lace, Sophia patchwork.


While perusing the interwebs we often find beautifully written blogs that feature Bella Notte Linens and the authors' favorites of our photography. We always appreciate the spotlight and love reading about the different ways in which we influence our fans, stores, and customers.

Last week we stumbled upon Jennelise Rose. She was turned on to Bella Notte by her sister who thought she might find inspiration in our imagery. In turn, she produced two gorgeous drawings that we are excited to show you!
"Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love home and everything to do with it. I love eating dinner as a family, I love sitting in the living room in the evening with a book or a movie, I love coming home after a holiday and the way that everything seems new, I love being surrounded by small treasures collected and loved over the years, I love the quiet corners and the places that reverberate with happy noise, I love the memories that seep into the walls of every room and make home the most beautiful place in the world."

Jennelise describes herself and her artwork:
"I love to draw - it is one of my passions and has been since I was a little girl! I used to dream about writing and illustrating my own children's books. Over the years my style has evolved but always remained unabashedly girly! I love fairy tales and old things, pink roses, ballgowns, chandeliers, and everything lovely - all of which can be found in my artwork in one form or another." 
We hope you enjoy these inspired images as much as we do, and please visit her Blog and Etsy Shop to show some support.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Part of what makes our line of linens so exciting is the sheer number of fabrics, colors, and styles available to play with. We do our best to be both versatile and fresh - keeping seasoned favorites while adding innovative introductions to our collection. 

This array of offerings and combinations can at times be overwhelming for us to produce, our stores to keep track of, and the end-customers to build their dream bed with. We're making moves every day to streamline our operations and to create the best experience possible with Bella Notte Linens. While the priority is always maintaining the highest standards of comfort and luxury for our couture linens and apparel, we also want to support our stores in selling our products, and the customer in finding what they want in the perfect hues and textures! 

One of the ways we provide support is with our beautiful Inspiration Books, and another is through the availability of Headers, which sample what a particular fabric looks and feels like after the garment dye process. We create Color Headers, Fabric Headers, and Collection Headers which all help to navigate our offering in a different way.

A Color Header will have every fabric we offer (from Linen to Velvet to Olivia Lace and all in between) in ONE color like Coral. 
Color Headers from Coral, left, through Wedgwood, right
Color Headers from White, left, through Amethyst, right

A Fabric Header will have every color we offer in ONE fabric like New Primrose. 

Fabric Headers display each fabric in every color

Collection Headers (12"x12") are similar to Fabric Headers (8"x10"). They are larger samples that better display our patchwork Sophia and Gwen (even larger at 18"x18"), or additions like Silk Velvet piping, scalloped embroidery, and Linen Whisper frills - showing how the combination of fabrics or the paired detailing will look in each dyed color. 

A Sophia Collection Header combines fabrics in one swatch, and is dyed in one color - Pacific is pictured above)

Why are these helpful?

If you are dressing a bed for a young girl, you may want to combine the colors Amethyst and Petal. Pick up a Color Header in each, and see how every fabric absorbs the unique purple or pink differently, and what textures might combine well together. Then you can choose your fabric based on the colors you've already selected. (See in the image below how the New Primrose fabric with the Silk Velvet floral pattern make the Amethyst and Petal colors very rich, while the Olivia lace underneath is softer and more muted).
Amethyst and Petal Color Headers in every fabric (Pictured: New Primrose, Olivia, & Velvet with Satin Quilted)
If you are dressing a more masculine bed and you know you'd like to combine a textured fabric such as Chesapeake with the clean aesthetic of Linen, for example, pick up the Fabric Headers and you can see how each fabric absorbs the spectrum of Bella's colors. Then you can choose a color combination based on the fabrics you've already selected.
A Chesapeake Fabric Header in every color
Linen fabric in every color (Pictured is a larger Collection Header displaying the Linen flange)
If you love our images and need help building a bed of your own, visit your nearest retailer and ask if they have some headers for you to flip through. See every fabric in White, or your favorite fabric like Olivia lace in every color - the store may have your dream bed in stock, or they can place an order and we'll custom dye it just for you.

**Hangers can be purchased from hangers.com "Kids Top Hanger w/ Notches", Item #18-700712**

Thursday, January 3, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR! This January, we at Bella Notte are excited to present an array of new offerings that we can't wait to introduce at the 2013 trade shows, photograph with our creative team, and get on the shelves! Take a first look here:

:: COLORS ::

See the world through rose-colored glasses with our brand new hue, Coral! A sunny combination of red, pink and orange, this color will make any bed blush a summery glow. Add a pop of warm Coral atop a crisp White ensemble, or create a beach-side vibe by layering light, billowy textures in Coral, Seaglass, Sand and a peppering of our second new color, Wedgwood. 

NEW Velvet w/ Satin Deluxe Shams, Homespun Standard Shams, New Primrose Bolster, & Vivianne Duvet Cover in Coral
 Wedgwood is a gorgeous, soothing blue that harmonizes perfectly with our spectrum of tones, just like a pair of your favorite denim jeans. Whether personifying pure elegance in Satin and Silk Velvet, or exuding a lived-in comfort in Linen and Cotton, Wedgwood lends itself beautifully to all of our fabrics making it exceedingly easy to love.

NEW Chesapeake Coverlet and Standard Shams, and Silk Velvet Bolster all in Wedgwood

As for textures, we welcome two versatile collections to the line. We begin with Hayden, a handsome stripe, crisp and timeless. All clean lines and understated elegance, Hayden is offered as a Duvet Cover, Standard Sham, King Sham, Euro Sham and Deluxe Sham, embodying everyday luxury with ease.

NEW Hayden Duvet Cover in Flax and two Hayden Standard Shams in White

Our second collection is Quinn, a relaxed, richly textured weave with heirloom softness and an easy 
drape. Offered as a Bed Blanket and Baby Blanket, Quinn's gentle hand and subtle stripe can stand alone or layer effortlessly beneath a duvet cover -- low-key luxury from the start. 

NEW Quinn Bed Blankets in Seaglass, Coral, and Sand


January also brings fun and fanciful new pieces to our signature collections! Because our dogs are our best friends (and, as such, are truly spoiled!), we've introduced a line of luxury Dog Beds -- gorgeous Bella bunks designed for your pup! Available in Adele, Chesapeake, Linen Quilted, and Velvet with Satin, each style is timeless and durable, and offered in Small, Medium, or Large to accommodate the varying sizes of your furry friends. Not only will your dog be the luckiest on the block, their new bed -- available in all current hues -- will add a pop of color to any room in the house.

**Dog Bed inserts are sold separately, so that you can have different covers for the same bed. The inserts have a poly-cotton water resistant cover over an insert of fine micro-fiber fill.**
Our Bella mascot Lucy sits atop her NEW Velvet Dog Bed in Ginger (Satin piping not pictured)

Another accessory that will add interest and even extra seating to the home are the Sophia and Homespun Poufs! Standing 14" tall, our Homespun Pouf, with it's subtle crochet lace detailing, is comfortable and urban, while our Sophia Pouf of rich, quilted textures, adds a touch of luxury as well as a place to lounge.

**Poufs come with the inserts included, a high density foam with a down blanket wrap.**

NEW Sophia Pouffs in Wedgwood and Pacific

NEW Homespun Pouff with Crochet Lace in Coral

We have also added a few classic items to the line, including Bella Duvet Covers, Velvet with Satin Euro Sham, Deluxe Sham, and 22"x22" Throw Pillow, and an amazingly elegant Silk Velvet Gathered Dust Ruffle

NEW Silk Velvet Gathered Dust Ruffle in White covered by a Homespun Coverlet also in White
We're thrilled about our new introductions, and hope you enjoy them all year round!