Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Bella Notte offers yardage in a number of our fabrics - perfect for a DIY-er making a slip cover for a window seat, a curtain panel for an off-size window frame, or anything else you might dream up for our luxurious velvets, satins, and lace.
Here we'd like to clarify how you can order extra Bella Notte fabric:

We only sell yardage in 1 yard (3 feet), 2 yard (6 feet), and 3 yard (9 feet) increments. 

You can order more than 3 yards, but the length will be split up. We cannot offer a strip of fabric longer than 3 yards because of our unique dye process. But you can order as many multiples of 1, 2, or 3 that you need. If you require five yards of fabric for a particular project, for example, we would send it to you in one 2-yard and one 3-yard piece...or even five 1-yard pieces! Fortunately they will all be custom garment-dyed in the same dye lot to be sure to match.

We love how designer Shalena Smith used yardage of Olivia Lace to layer a crib dust ruffle for P. Diddy's Princess!
NOTE We do not offer yardage in certain fabrics that have been quilted together or that have an additional trim: Alyssa, Gwen patchwork, Linen w/ Crochet Lace, Linen Whisper w/ Ruffle, Loulah w/ ruffle, Satin w/ Venise Lace, Sophia patchwork.


  1. As a Fabric Artist it would be Dreamy to Create with your Line of Lucious Fabrics. Fortunately we have a Retailer in our Area that carries your Fabulous Line and I'm saving up to purchase some of the Oliva Style Lace Fabric... even if for just to trim some Creations! The dilemma will be to pick A favorite hue... because I love and want them ALL!!! The swatch Samples I can even envision in a Creation! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hi Dawn,

    Olivia is definitely a fan favorite! Please be sure to send us some images of whatever you create - we'd love to see it.


    Director of Marketing