Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Part of what makes our line of linens so exciting is the sheer number of fabrics, colors, and styles available to play with. We do our best to be both versatile and fresh - keeping seasoned favorites while adding innovative introductions to our collection. 

This array of offerings and combinations can at times be overwhelming for us to produce, our stores to keep track of, and the end-customers to build their dream bed with. We're making moves every day to streamline our operations and to create the best experience possible with Bella Notte Linens. While the priority is always maintaining the highest standards of comfort and luxury for our couture linens and apparel, we also want to support our stores in selling our products, and the customer in finding what they want in the perfect hues and textures! 

One of the ways we provide support is with our beautiful Inspiration Books, and another is through the availability of Headers, which sample what a particular fabric looks and feels like after the garment dye process. We create Color Headers, Fabric Headers, and Collection Headers which all help to navigate our offering in a different way.

A Color Header will have every fabric we offer (from Linen to Velvet to Olivia Lace and all in between) in ONE color like Coral. 
Color Headers from Coral, left, through Wedgwood, right
Color Headers from White, left, through Amethyst, right

A Fabric Header will have every color we offer in ONE fabric like New Primrose. 

Fabric Headers display each fabric in every color

Collection Headers (12"x12") are similar to Fabric Headers (8"x10"). They are larger samples that better display our patchwork Sophia and Gwen (even larger at 18"x18"), or additions like Silk Velvet piping, scalloped embroidery, and Linen Whisper frills - showing how the combination of fabrics or the paired detailing will look in each dyed color. 

A Sophia Collection Header combines fabrics in one swatch, and is dyed in one color - Pacific is pictured above)

Why are these helpful?

If you are dressing a bed for a young girl, you may want to combine the colors Amethyst and Petal. Pick up a Color Header in each, and see how every fabric absorbs the unique purple or pink differently, and what textures might combine well together. Then you can choose your fabric based on the colors you've already selected. (See in the image below how the New Primrose fabric with the Silk Velvet floral pattern make the Amethyst and Petal colors very rich, while the Olivia lace underneath is softer and more muted).
Amethyst and Petal Color Headers in every fabric (Pictured: New Primrose, Olivia, & Velvet with Satin Quilted)
If you are dressing a more masculine bed and you know you'd like to combine a textured fabric such as Chesapeake with the clean aesthetic of Linen, for example, pick up the Fabric Headers and you can see how each fabric absorbs the spectrum of Bella's colors. Then you can choose a color combination based on the fabrics you've already selected.
A Chesapeake Fabric Header in every color
Linen fabric in every color (Pictured is a larger Collection Header displaying the Linen flange)
If you love our images and need help building a bed of your own, visit your nearest retailer and ask if they have some headers for you to flip through. See every fabric in White, or your favorite fabric like Olivia lace in every color - the store may have your dream bed in stock, or they can place an order and we'll custom dye it just for you.

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