Friday, June 21, 2013


We're so excited to be at Market this summer. While it's warm and muggy outside in the Texas plains, we get to dream up cozy glamorous fall and winter beds of Velvets, Silks, and now (faux) Fur! It's a special opportunity to head out of the Bella Notte office and work with customers one on one and in person.

And for all the stores, it's a chance to see the different ways we've merchandized our new colors Ebony and Bottle Green, as well as the Valentina and Contessa/Empress collections. They can see our inspirational beds in real life, and mix and match colors, textures, and all variety of pillows to come up with their own unique combinations.

Here's some photos from our Dallas showroom for you to enjoy, and please come visit us at the Atlanta and New York Gift Shows!

Valentina, Loulah, and Celeste in Petal, Rose Quartz, and Perfect Peach

The New Contessa fur throw blanket highlighted by Perfect Peach, Coral, andBordeaux

Rich Bottle Green in Colette and Loulah, with White Chesapeake Coverlet and Valentina Deluxe Shams

A beautiful crib in White and Pebble Valentina

Relaxed Ebony with Sand Satin Cases, an Olivia Bolster, and Empress Throw Blanket and Pillow

Friday, June 14, 2013


Our new color Ebony is transforming every collection in our line. Remember our tabletop display from last spring in Perfect Peach?

By using the same Olivia Tablecloth but in Ebony, a Linen Whisper Tablecloth in Sand, and showcasing the new Valentina Gauze Curtains, we've created an entirely new and mod look for the dining room.

Imagine the next occasion you host with a table dressed in Bella Notte!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


With the introduction of our new luxury dog beds, we are enjoying all of the adorable images coming our way!

And if you can't get enough, check out our last puppy roundup!
Bogey from Nantucket Home in Chicago is ready for his Bella Bed!
"Three Children" of The Iron Gate on Chesapeake and Adele dogs beds!
Nugget, the puppy from our photoshoot, is all grown up!!

Monday, June 3, 2013


While we at Bella are quite fond of our layers, we also know the impact of no-fuss interior design. Simplicity and clean lines can give your own room the feel of a vacation retreat. In White, Seaglass, Pacific, and new Bottle Green, these summer stunners are cool and comforting.