Monday, May 20, 2013


Just as the sun is making its Summer debut, we're getting excited for a cozy Winter at Bella! Contessa and Empress* are our two gorgeous faux mink fur collections that usher an air of royal comfort to the line. 

Empress is a cinder gray backed in Silk Velvet, while Contessa is a chestnut brown backed in Charmeuse. The underside of each Throw Blanket and Pillow is glamorous in its own right, and will be dyed in the color of your choice.
An Empress Large Throw Blanket backed with Silk Velvet in Sable

An Empress 20" Throw Pillow backed with Silk Velvet in Sable
A Contessa Large Throw Blanket backed with Charmeuse in Perfect Peach
Prepare your lair for the utmost in luxury and comfort with Contessa and Empress; they make a beautiful gift or statement piece for yourself!

*CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold, hand wash cycle. Delicate dry with air, no heat.

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