Friday, May 31, 2013


We have been offering a variety of guest towels in Linen with Crochet Lace, Linen Whisper, Homespun, and Betty to dress up your washroom. 

New to the collection, in the same European length (26"x44"), is an Olivia Guest Towel: a Linen body with lace trim. We've dressed up the set in a wedding theme, perfect for the season of I Do's!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Here's a playful set to rival the Olivia Lace Picnic we featured in our last shoot. Lucy is lounging atop a Chesapeake Dog Bed in Ebony, and surrounded by Teepees artfully made with Ebony and Sand Linen Whisper yardage.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


If you can't get enough of Valentina, here's another shimmering set all in soft Pebble and Silvermist with accents of Wedgwood. The double layered dust ruffle, Velvet upholstered headboard, and glittering disco ball make this bed fancifully cool and elegant.
Valentina Dust Ruffles, Personal Comforter, Body Pillow, and Standard Sham atop a Bella Duvet Cover
Valentina Boudoir Pillow in White
June is just a few short days away and Valentina will be ready to custom order!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Because Bella Notte is all about softness and texture, we love to layer our floating cribs with color, fabrics, and light! Our new collection Valentina offers a ruffled Baby Blanket - as well as a translucent Crib Dust Ruffle and Curtain Panels just in Gauze. Create a dreamy haven for your little one with these enchanting images in Coral and Pebble.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


At Bella Notte we've been doing Apparel since the very beginning. With the softest of Linens, Satins, and our Modal Jersey, you can feel the comfort of Bella whether in bed or out! Like the rest of our line, each piece (be it a luxurious robe, scarf, or linen tunic) can be garment-dyed in ANY of our signature colors.

We hope to bring some new designs to the line in January 2014 with Charmeuse and Chiffon, but for now we are excited to highlight some fan favorites.

Modal Long Sleeve Tunic In Pebble, Linen Long Pant in Seaglass
Modal Scarf in Rose Quartz
Modal Long Pant in White, Modal Long Tank in Coral
Linen Button Down Shirt in White
Linen Sleeveless Tunic in Sand, Linen Whisper Scarf in Ebony, Linen Long Pant in Ebony
Modal Scarf in White

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Have you heard of Bella Notte's Quick Ship Program? We've taken some of our most popular pieces of Linen, Adele, Allysa, Madera, Olivia and more - in our most popular colors White, Champagne, and Sand - and made them available to ship in just 7-10 business days!

With our garment-dye process and extensive palette of colors, we generally allow 6-8 weeks to process and send any custom order. But because we dye White, Champagne, and Sand so frequently, we can get these out the door in just under 2 weeks.

A Linen Whisper Duvet Cover and Allysa Standard Shams in White, Linen Whisper Euro Shams in Champagne 
Olivia Pillowcase in Champagne over Linen Pillowcase in White, atop a Linen Flat Sheet
If you would love to have your very own Bella Bed, but don't want to wait 6-8 weeks, visit one of our national retailers! They tend to stock many Quick Ship items - so you can sleep on those sheets same day. Or, place your own QS order with one of their helpful sales staff and we'll drop ship to your door!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Lustrous Charmeuse and dripping ruffles of translucent Gauze play with light and texture in this ornate collection. Valentina is classic Bella Notte, simultaneously romantic and tailored. And unapologetically feminine.

Straight out of any ballerina's dream bedroom, the lounge below marries a warm palette of Fawn, Petal, Perfect Peach, and Rose Quartz - and we love the movement and color play of silk and chiffon.
Indulge the dancer inside by adorning your bed with Valentina accessories.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Just as the sun is making its Summer debut, we're getting excited for a cozy Winter at Bella! Contessa and Empress* are our two gorgeous faux mink fur collections that usher an air of royal comfort to the line. 

Empress is a cinder gray backed in Silk Velvet, while Contessa is a chestnut brown backed in Charmeuse. The underside of each Throw Blanket and Pillow is glamorous in its own right, and will be dyed in the color of your choice.
An Empress Large Throw Blanket backed with Silk Velvet in Sable

An Empress 20" Throw Pillow backed with Silk Velvet in Sable
A Contessa Large Throw Blanket backed with Charmeuse in Perfect Peach
Prepare your lair for the utmost in luxury and comfort with Contessa and Empress; they make a beautiful gift or statement piece for yourself!

*CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold, hand wash cycle. Delicate dry with air, no heat.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Deep, rich, and matte black, Ebony's sultry tone lends a Gothic edge to every Bella Notte texture. Our darkest hue to enter the dye palette since Ink, Ebony is sure to glam up any bedroom.

In this set we used a Linen Duvet and Sheets as the canvas, and dressed them with Satin Pillowcases in Sand, Linen with Crochet Lace Kidney Pillow and Deluxe Sham, and a touch of class with the Olivia Curtain Panel and Bolster. We dream of Ebony in any bedroom from seductive pin-up girl lounge to sophisticated bachelor pad and everything in between.

Add Ebony to your bedroom in June! And stay tuned for next week's first fabric introduction. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hints of gold infuse our new green with warmth, reminiscent of the sun shining through a bottle on a summer day. Pictured in this set is Bottle Green in a sophisticated Colette Duvet Cover, paired with a textured Chesapeake Coverlet in White for a light and summery bed.

For those of you who long for Bella Notte's Pistachio, here is our modern spin on a classic color, available in June!

Featured below are accessories in Velvet, Cotton, Satin and Chiffon, each taking the color in a new way.

Stay tuned and sign up for Bella Blog updates so you don't miss any of our new images!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We don't normally worry too much about the "competition". At Bella Notte we always strive for the highest quality. Whether it's the softness of our garment-dye process, our vibrant color palette, the pride of being American Made, the variety of our fabrics, the detailing of each couture item...we mean to always produce the very best products we can.
Admittedly, our line is not one that you can find in every corner or department store. And we're okay with that. We like to reward those of you who take the time to shop at a local business and seek out a company that manufactures heirloom quality goods worth saving for years to come. You invest in statement pieces and think of your bedroom and home as an extension of yourself, and we at Bella Notte are happy to represent you.

We can't ignore the phone book style catalogs on every door step in America. We also can't compete with it and we won't try. There's enough room for all of us to thrive within our niche.

But we want you, our customers, to know that there is a distinct difference. Other companies manufacture linen sheets and sometimes they can do it for less. We ask you to do a little research before you buy. Check on where they source their fabric, where they cut, sew, and dye, and ultimately how it feels against your skin. More than anything, read the product reviews! While you may save money on the initial purchase from someone else - when it comes to quality, at Bella Notte our goal is to manufacture linens that last longer, get better with washing, and keep you from having to buy new sheets every year or two.

As a consumer you have thousands of bedding options, we humbly thank you for choosing Bella Notte Linens!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today we received a lovely note from San Juan Kitchen & Home - a new retailer carrying Bella in San Juan Capistrano in Southern California.

In the note, owner Kristina thanks us for the detail and care in which we put together our sales tools and products, in what is such a fast-paced world.

Handling with care is of the utmost importance to us and while we do it because it is our ethos, it feels really good to know we are appreciated!

Thank you Kristina for the kind message and from all of us, welcome to the Bella Notte Family!