Friday, December 16, 2016

Laurie's Home Furnishings - A Bella Notte Destination

Laurie has been carrying Bella Notte Linens in her store in Tomball, Texas for more than 8 years. As one of our top stocking retailers, she's figured out the secret sauce to showcasing our product amidst new and antique furniture and through an ever-fluctuating economy. We caught up with her to learn more about her store and to see how she stays successful.

Tell us a bit about the background of how you started your namesake store, Laurie's:

I graduated college with a Bachelor's of Science, and growing up on a farm I was planning on having a big ranch. Then I went back to school for accounting and found that it was boring! At night I would make things to satisfy the need for creativity. My mom was a big craft-er so I took after her. I evolved into creating for stores, and it expanded! From leasing a room, then a small store, to a gift store, until I moved into importing antiques, and now linens and furniture.

Image result for laurie's home furnishingsWhat makes Laurie's special and different?
One of Laurie's Bedroom Designs using her favorite, PINK!

We keep between 10-20 beds set up all the time, and constantly change out the displays to keep them fresh. And we build color stories... The trick is to keep enough inventory so people don’t have to special order or have to wait. We pay attention to color and try to stay on trend.

What drew you to the line initially and what do you still love about it?

The colors and quality. When we first started with Bella, Shabby Chic was a huge category, consumers wanted that aesthetic. Shabby really tied together with the antiques in my store - it makes more sense than a modern cleaner look. In 2006 I did start bringing in new furniture in addition to the antiques, but we're careful not to look like a big box store. 

What do you think differentiates Bella Notte from other lines?

Other lines quality can be an issue, and uniqueness. As a retailer, you don’t want to see the product coming and going. You want the product to be specialized and limited. You don't want to see it in every store. Then it stays special. We try to only carry product that's not in every store. It gives us a unique edge.

What is your favorite color or collection?

My  favorite color is Pink! The store does well with pinks and shades of blue. We have our biggest success with more saturated color over white on white, which could be because of location of the store. Not being afraid of color sets us apart. I love Pennelope with the little ruffle, any of the velvets, and collections with texture to tie the bed together. Romance!

Do you have a favorite Bella Notte story or design customer?

When we had Carmela in (she has her own talk show in Mexico) she put together two of daughter's beds at the same time, and bought 3 different colors in one day. It's always a fun project when you get to pull it all together at once and tie together color palettes that will mix and match.

What brings both new customers and loyal customers coming back to Laurie's?

Changing inventory, LOTS of inventory--we really are a designer showrooms with rugs, lamps, and anything you need to decorate your home, Laurie's is one stop shopping. We like to make our vignette's and linen displays exciting so customers come to shop and see what's new. We're not predictable. There was a crib set up with green and pink and blue all together. We posted it on Instagram and people came in to purchase as-is. We like unusual combination of texture and color because that's what makes it interesting.
A Crib Display at Laurie's with the gorgeous Fabric Wall of samples

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Olivia, Valentina, Sloan, & Baby

At Bella Notte we live by the mantra, "Romance never goes out of style." So when it comes to collections with lace, silk, and velvet we like to keep the romance alive with innovative designs.

Available January 1, 2017 is our new Olivia Linen Pillowcase, the classic lace scallop on a Linen body. Also for those of you who are missing our Olivia Coverlet, we now have an Olivia Bed Throw to provide that vintage layering piece for the end of your bed.
Olivia Linen Pillowcases in every Bella Notte color

Olivia Bed Throw in Sand, Seville Bedspread in Fog, Linen Bed Skirt in Pearl

In the Valentina collection, the pièce de résistance is the Valentina Wedding Blanket - inspired by a Moroccan wedding blanket with its layered ruffles. Additionally the Valentina Bolster is 10"x44" and finished on either end with ties and a gauze ruffle making it a lustrous statement piece.

Valentina Bolster & Throw Blanket with Seville Embroidered Royal Shams & King Bedspread in Winter White

Valentina Bolster & Throw Blanket in Winter White

Below is the new Sloan Bolster, the perfect addition to your Queen or King bed.
Sloan Bolster and Throw Blanket with Seville Embroidered Euros & Throw Blanket all in Pearl

While we are sad to be discontinuing our Crib Bumpers, these new crib sets showcase just how cuddly and inviting Bella Baby can be. In addition to longtime favorites, we are adding a Marseille Baby Blanket, Helane Crib Skirt, Isabella Comforter, Crib Sheet, and Crib Skirt.
Linen Whisper Kidney, Baby Comforter, & Crib Skirt, Linen Crib Sheet, & Helane Accent Pillow all in Pearl

Linen Whisper Kidney, Baby Comforter, & Crib Skirt, & Linen Crib Sheet all in Cloud

Marseille Accent Pillow, Baby Blanket, Trecento Crib Sheet, & Helane Crib Skirt all in Pearl

Helane Accent Pillow, Baby Blanket, Madera Crib Sheet, Satin Crib Skirt, Isabella Accent all in Cloud

Isabella Accent Pillow, Baby Comforter, Crib Sheet, & Crib Skirt in Pearl

Introducing: Josephine Embroidery on Linen

Due to its increasing popularity, we are re-introducing the stunning Josephine embroidery on our classic Linen. The same swirling botanicals embellish Pillowcases, a Duvet Cover, and Guest Towels. 
Josephine Linen Duvet Cover in Winter White, Antonia Bolster in Mineral, Josephine Pillowcase in Winter White
Sloan Throw Blanket, Florence Coverlet, & Deluxe Shams in Mineral,
Josephine Linen Duvet & Pillowcase in Winter White
Seville Euro Shams & Bed Skirt, Josephine Linen Duvet Cover in Pebble,
Seville Embroidered Accent Pillows in Fog & Powder

Introducing: New Color, Pearl

We are excited to announce our new color, Pearl. This nude-like neutral, the shade of a elegant garden rose, falls seamlessly into our palette. Rich and warm in the rayons, soft and neutral in the cottons and linens, it's a perfect addition to our bedroom color palette. 

Linen Whisper, Antonia, & Olivia Curtain Panels in Pearl

Marseille Shams & Coverlet, Satin Pillowcases & Bed Skirt, Loulah Bolster, & Pennelope Boudoir in Pearl

Loulah Bolster and Pennelope Boudoir in Pearl

Linen Pillowcases & Valentina Wedding Blanket in Pearl

Introducing: Seville Embroidered Linen

While we adore the versatility and clean lines of Seville, our new heavyweight Linen, we loved the texture so much that we couldn't help but embellish it! Botanical embroidery adds interest and femininity in the Seville Embroidered collection.

Delicate needlework, embroidered in the USA, adorns the Seville Embroidered Accent Pillow, Shams, and Throw Blanket.

Seville Embroidered Euros & Throw Blanket, & Sloan Bolster & Throw Blanket all in Pearl

Seville Embroidered Accent Pillows in Fog and Powder

Seville Embroidered Deluxe Shams & Antonia Bolster in Winter White

Introducing: Madera Luxe

Madera, a 100% Tencel wood pulp fiber, is our best-selling sheeting collection. The fluttering material with its buttery hand is irresistible--once you sleep on these sheets nothing else will compare!

In light of Madera's success, we are introducing Madera Luxe: the same Tencel fabric content, but in a slightly heavier weight and with a 5" flange, making it even more luxurious than ever. Offered in Queen and King Sheets and Pillowcases, Duvet Cover, and Crib Sheet, Madera Luxe will be available in every Bella Notte hue including French Grey!
Madera Luxe Pillowcases in Pearl, second from the back!

Still after the original Madera? We will continue to offer sheeting in our Quick Ship Colors only (White, Winter White, and Champagne), available to ship in just 2-3 weeks.

Introducing: Seville Heavyweight Linen

While Bella Notte is ever-romantic, we love a timeless base collection that allows us to simplify and tone down the frill. Seville is an extremely soft and textural heavy-weight linen, perfectly stunning on its own or layered with all of your favorites. 
Seville Royal Shams & King Coverlet in Winter White, Valentina Wedding Blanket & Linen King Pillowcases in Pearl

Seville is offered in a Bedspread with 2" self flange, Shams with gusset detail, and tailored Bed Skirt with inverted box pleat.
Seville Royal Shams, Coverlet, & Bed Skirt in White, Antonia Bolster & Coverlet in Winter White,
Seville Embroidered Deluxe & Personal Comforter in Winter White

Seville Bed Skirt in Pebble

Introducing: Antonia Embroidery

Linen Whisper is one of Bella Notte's signature fabrics; lightweight and soft, it absorbs each of our colors with subtle saturation. Our new collection, Antonia, brings a vintage colonial charm to Linen Whisper with its all-over cotton embroidery and scalloped edges. 
Antonia Coverlet in Cloud & Pillowcase in White

Antonia Pillowcase in White and Coverlet in Cloud
Antonia is offered in a Coverlet, Pillowcases, Bed Throw, Bolster, and Curtain Panels (one with all-over embroidery and the other with delicate scalloped edges). The art nouveau inspired botanical embroidery makes each piece sophisticated and the perfect decorative addition to your ensemble.
Antonia Pillowcases & Coverlet in Thyme, & Bed Throw in White

Antonia Bed Throws in Thyme and White