Thursday, March 14, 2013


Carrie Cooper of Kansas recently sent us this photo of her son with his blanket, "Bobby", a Cashmere Baby Blanket with a Satin trim. He's now 11 and still loves it! How could you resist those baby blues?

It means a lot to us to see how Bella Notte's products find their way into your lives. Thanks for sharing Carrie!


  1. Hi--
    My son has the same blanket and it's ripped to shreds.
    Looking for a new one; can you help?
    Cashmere with silk trim, pleas.

  2. Hi Gretchen,
    We apologize for our delayed response! Unfortunately we no longer manufacture cashmere throw blankets, but we do offer a gorgeous variety of alternatives for your little one (and for you too!). Please check out our website: and our 'Find a Store Near You' section for local vendors, or 'Shop Bella!' to view our online stores and peruse our offerings from the comfort of your own home. Our classic Velvet Baby Blanket with Satin Ruffle could act as a soft, cuddly replacement to your son's beloved cashmere. We hope this helps, and thank you for your love and support of Bella Notte Linens!