Friday, March 22, 2013


The photoshoot is next week and everyone is hard at work building the sets and painting. One of our vignettes will be a stage of rustic wood, and another will be a moody Bordeaux & Coral ombre wall. The third project is a fun and fanciful surprise!

Manuel and Mario are helping to deliver our first wall - in style of course:

The pickle barrel turned out to be the winner.
Starting with the peach wall from previous sets, we knew we needed to fade it to Bordeaux without getting a muddy color. Originally overwhelmed by the amount of choices in this family, we ended up with some beautiful tones.

Unfortunately the first attempt was a bit too dark:

So designer Kathleen got to work lightening it up - luckily she's been mastering her fine painting skills at Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Taking a break.

The final wall is a perfect blend.

Partner Mitchell working on the surprise...

Special delivery from Jenny!

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