Wednesday, March 20, 2013


In preparation for our next photoshoot, our stylist Juliet White is sending us on a scavenger hunt for props! To find the items we need, we're scouring Etsy, Antique Stores, the Alameda Flea Market, our homes and those of our friends. Here's a peek into what's on the list for the next shoot:
  1. All things Copper
  2. A blonde puppy (how fun!)
  3. Glitter Shoes
  4. Fanciful food items a-la Hook
  5. Vintage flatware with light colored handles 
  6. An ornate gold frame and book with gold binding
  7. Distressed wood
  8. A dark colored teacup
  9. A ladder to display guest towels
When arriving at the Alameda Flea Market, one must have a strategy. Ours was to walk each row A-Z top to bottom, and stop only briefly to refresh the list of items in our minds. By row E all I could see was copper and we threw in the towel officially at row Q.
Alameda Flea Market with a gorgeous view of San Francisco from across the Bay

Along the way we snapped photos of items to send to Juliet for a game of Goldilocks! Some of them weren't quite the right color, size, or style, as you can see...

Perfect colors, but we need it in a teacup!
A black teacup, but the white inside makes it a little too light for the shot in mind
The right color combination with copper and Wedgwood, but the wrong shape.
A bit too ornate, but on the right track with the handles.
This wood is from a Pickle Barrel! This might do the trick.
Darker and more distressed on the opposite side.
  Vintage Bank Antiques in Petaluma is, as you may have guessed, inside an old Bank. Love the high ceilings.
None of these books are quite right...
At hundreds of dollars a piece in some cases, not the right price point either!
This frame was a bit large!

Much better size.

A sweet sewing vignette I found along the way.

We don't need a birdcage. I'm getting distracted.
After finding many small step-stool ladders, this one was of course too tall!
Colorful Cakes!
Paris Dreaming.
This gnome thinks we're doing a great job.

Stay tuned for the final Bella Notte photoshoot in April to see how we did in our travels.

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